Bali- one day in Ubud before flying out Feb8, 14

We decided to spend our last day in Bali in Ubud in order to do a little souvenir shopping and make up for getting stuck in bed the last time around.
We visited two restaurants that had been recommended: Crispy Duck and Ibu Oka. Crispy duck is a specialty of the area and very popular with tourists. The restaurant was gorgeous. The food was nothing special. We got the recommended dish. It was a piece of deep fried duck with cold French fries. Like KFC but KFD. There wasn’t much meat either. Oh well, at least we tried it.
We also sought out Ibu Oka upon recommendation by Putu our cab driving friend. He said it was suckling pig (babi guling) soup with fresh pig blood. I was intrigued and really wanted to try it. The place he told us to go turned out to be a killer location over looking the jungle but they didn’t have the lawar, the blood soup. I was bummed, but ordered the babi guling sampler plate and was very happy. Lots of crispy pig skin and even a “sausage” filled with organ meat (that was black and gross).



In preparation for the Tibetan singing bowl meditation we were planning to attend at the Yoga Barn that evening, we stopped into the Tibetan shop to buy one. I’ve wanted one for years, and now that I’m a yoga instructor I realllllly want one for my classes.

Nick and I had the best time playing the bowls together. He had never seen one but instantly fell in love. We spent about an hour trying them all and finding the perfect one for us. I was shocked when he wanted one too. Even more shocked when he got one for me as a gift. Best gift ever! Thank you honey!
We also did some shopping at local wood crafting stores. Ubud is filled with insanely skilled craftsmen.


I did not buy the giant penis. But Nick did buy some stuff while sitting on his bike. That lady was relentless.



The Tibetan singing bowl meditation was alright. It’s such a let down whenever I have high expectations here in Asia. Gotta let that go. I mean, we enjoyed ourselves. We laid down in the dark in a room with thirty other people and listened to a dude ding and sing the bowls, but it wasn’t anything I’d do again. Maybe if we didn’t have to arrive over an hour early and sit there and wait in order to get a spot, I wouldn’t have thought much of it. We went back to the guesthouse and had our own duet concert with our new bowls afterward and enjoyed it much more.



One thought on “Bali- one day in Ubud before flying out Feb8, 14

  1. Yeah, I’ve heard of the “Crispy Duck” and “Ibu Oka” restaurants and they’re both supposed to be something good. What a shame that the singing bowls didn’t meet up to expectation but at least, you have a story! 🙂

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