Bali- on our own for a day -23Jan14

Nick and I parted ways this morning for the next 24 hours. He left with Brandon in a cab for an all day tour of the island’s sites (more on that later), eventually making their way to Ubud (which is only a two hour straight shoot from here). I stayed in bed, enjoying the warm pouring rain with the doors wide open.

I just chilled out all day, resting my sore body, watching the series Breaking Bad. Back to back to back. I mean, why not? Driving a motorbike in this crazy rain sounded like misery to me.

When the rain stopped I went out for a quick omelette at a little warung right across the street.

The rain water was rushing through the gutters lining the roads and sounded more like a couple of rivers than gutters. Here’s a few shots of the countryside after the rain. Complete with random trash fire and all.




In the afternoon I met my new friend Vanessa at the Crossfit for a pre-workout workout. We were joined by one of the local trainers and did Diane: deadlifts and handstand push-ups. She’s an amazing athlete. I was stoked to be able to train with her, even though I just couldn’t keep up. I couldn’t even do the workout as prescribed. But I got one hell of a sweat!

We finished and immediately joined the next class for some split jerks and a wod with split jerks, pistols (one legged squats, like “shoot the duck”), and box jumps. I am not proud to say I scaled my pistols for the first time ever. Man, I am out of shape. I have really done a number to myself in the last few months. I’m trying not to get down on myself, but it sucks to see that most of my hard work over the spring and summer to get strong and fast has gone to shit, in a pile of mango sticky rice! But regardless of all that, I love crossfit. I was the last one still working on the wod because my pistols were really slowing me down. The entire class rallied around me for the final two minutes and cheered me on so loud, so fierce. They kept me going when I wanted to quit. S2S Crossfit feels like a home gym to me. They strive to create the vibe of community. I love it!

We recovered with fresh coconut water, and ate the meat inside too!

And that was the end of my excitement for the day. Here I am in this beautiful, exotic place, and I am just craving to be near people who have the same passions as me, and to be doing the things I love. What a great experience to have here, to be missing and fostering new gratitude for my own family and community of loved ones at home.



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